Stay Cool, the New Cookware range from Stellar


A cool range of cookware designed for today’s cook and aspiring chef; offering safe efficient cooking, easy draining, and higher levels of nutrient retention owing to its unique design. Let’s explain.

Stay Cool” a surprising name for a cooking collection, then again this name reflects the key benefits the handle design offers the consumer, the handles stay cool while the pan directs all of the heat into the pan body to insure efficient cooking. This combined with the innovative silicone edged glass lids which seals in nutrients when cooking, make these pans super cool.

Stay Cool Cookware

The ‘Stay Cool’ range is suitable for all hob types including induction and all from the range have design features that achieves cooler handling than traditional plain metal saucepans, they have silicone edged glass lids (designed to retain nutrients and provide easier draining), and easy to read measuring guides inside the pans. The range consists of everything from a 16cm Milk Pan to a Stockpot (6 L). All are non-stick PFOA and scratch resistant for healthy cooking and are dishwasher safe.

The Stellar Stay Cool range is a modern and innovative style designed for everyday cooking. Designed for easy draining and retaining all the very best nutrients from your cooking. The handles are designed to stay cooler to the touch when they are in use, allowing easy and comfortable use when cooking. Designed to style and fit any modern or traditional kitchen.

My verdict:

What can I say, I love this pot. The non-stick works like a dream. They are a breeze to clean and they are not too heavy. It seem to heat really evenly and except for right where the handle meets the pan, the handle doesn’t heat up which is really nice. Just perfect for my needs.