Prepare Your Cameras! Here Are Top Colorado Tours to Capture Breathtaking Moments


Since mobile applications like Instagram and Snapchat have become widely used, people have become obsessed about posting photos that are just breathtaking to look at. It is not simply about sceneries and landscapes anymore, it is about the story your photos are telling, the people you are trying to capture through your lens, and the experiences that you want to translate through your photos. This is probably why a lot of time is spent choosing one photo out of hundreds, choosing the right filter to bring out the message you are trying to convey, and the perfect scene to shoot.

For this reason, people are also flocking to places where beauty is just so natural. No more filters, no more spending hours looking for the perfect angle to shoot; because everything just screams “picture perfect.” And this is exactly what Colorado is all about: more than 4,000m of mountain peaks, vibrantly colourful flowers, and traversing 6,000 lakes and streams near cabin rentals in Colorado.

To help guide you on your trip, here are some of the places you can visit to sate your wanderlust and to get that perfect shot.

Top Colorado Tours

Chautauqua in Boulder

While Boulder is everyone’s favourite place because of that The Chainsmokers song, there is also another reason why people have always visited it: Flatirons in Boulder is home to the National Historic Landmark called Chautauqua. For those who are very much into outdoor activities, this place is filled with hiking trails (48 miles of it, in fact!) and a huge chunk of natural land ready to be explored. Here, you will be able to see the famous and historic Chautauqua Dining Hall which serves delicious American cuisine with beautiful views from the wraparound porch, and the place has been a Boulder tradition since 1898.

Additionally, you should not miss out on a production by Theatre-Hikes Colorado. They will lead audience members to a hike where everyone can see the most scenic view of Boulder while performing a play piece along the way. Just think about the landscape photos you can take while while you are hiking up the trail. The performers acting out a dramatic scene while the sun is setting on the horizon, the people milling in the dining hall waiting to be seated, or taking shot of thousands of acres of untarnished land at noon.

Top Colorado Tours

Ice Age Discovery Center at Snowmass Village

If you are a history buff and you are keeping your own curation of historical finds on your Instagram, this is the perfect place to visit on your Colorado trip. All year-round you can enjoy what the world once was during the Ice Age. The discovery center has one of the biggest collections of the most significant features during the Ice Age. From fossilised mastodon to a half-sized,6-foot Wooden Mammoth Skeleton — you can definitely document Colorado Ice Age history through your phone. You can even experience doing a dig of your own or take part in an Ice Age Discovery Hike (which includes four Aspen Snowmass trail packages)

Top Colorado Tours

To make it even more exciting, you should ride the Elk Camp Gondola up the Snowmass Mountain and treat yourself to a top view of the mountains. From there, you can enjoy downhill biking, wall climbing, disc golf, live music, and more. If you are traveling with kids, you can bring them to the Anderson Ranch Arts Center where they can enjoy countless workshops like sculpture making, painting, mask-making, and maybe even learn photography with you.

You will be able to flex your portrait or close-up photo taking when you take this trip. You can capture adorable moments when kids are concentrating hard on finishing their sculpture, when they are playing with paint, or when they started taking capturing their first pictures for photography class. You can also tell stories through your photos: maybe shoot a biker who is just about to start their ride downhill, or a rare moment when a climber loses  their footing.

Fishing at La Junta and Georgetown Springs

If you are looking for the best place to catch fish, there is no better destination than Colorado. You can catch 35 different species of fish at multiple lakes, reservoirs, and streams. Two of these are:

La Junta is a fishing site that offers variety, and it includes: Bluegill, Carp, Largemouth Bass, Cutthroat Trout, Catfish, Carp, Bream, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Bullhead. La Junta is home to countless streams, lakes and reservoirs like the Northwest Dam and the Benton Arroyo.

If you are looking for a unique fishing experience, try winter fishing at Glenwood Springs. It offers two beautiful fishing sites, the Colorado and the Roaring Fork, and both are available for year-round fishing. You can catch different trouts like Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brown, and Brook.

Here, you can practice motion photography. Patiently wait for the fisherman to cast their line and capture the moment when their arm is about to move as if it is skipping stone, when you see the sun glinting on the line as it moves with the fisherman’s arm. Then capture the moment when they are about to reel it in and their catch just surfaced from the water. Doing photo shoots like this will definitely test your eye for finding texture in water.

See? You can always find something to capture in Colorado, moments that have not been taken before. And while you are out looking for special moments to capture, you are also taking the most scenic tour of the state to boot! So go on, pack your bags, ready your lenses, load up your Instagram, and get ready for a unique Colorado trip!