Growing Your Own


I have always been a lover of growing my own fruit, herbs and vegetables but is has never been a skill of mine. My Dad worked in a farm for years when I was a child, and he used to bring home organic vegetables every day.

On the weekend we used to go with him, get a ride on tractors, washing leeks, walking through the tomato greenhouse (it used to smell absolutely divine!), picking cauliflower and green broccoli and stack them in wooden craters – it was amazing.

I have taken my Garden Journal out again and started planning what I want to grow this year. I just love the way Nigel Slater plans and designs his kitchen garden.

“Nigel Slater’s recipes have been enchanting home cooks for 17 years. His new book, extracted here, continues his passion for seasonal food – particularly the crops he has grown himself, in his north London vegetable patch.” ~ Telegraph


Doesn’t this look succulent?! Nigel Slater’s Parmesan Tomatoes. I am sure you have undestood my now that Nigel Slater is one of my favourite cooks and I love watching his ‘Simple Suppers‘. His recipes are not only mouth-watering, but so quick and easy and the best bit; he makes amazing food with whatever e has available in his kitchen!

This year I will be growing herbs, fruit and vegetables – from my kitchen with these window sill planters from Primrose. My last few experiments on growing my own has kind of failed, I am hoping this year will be different as I have been told that growing your own is easy!

Shabby Chic Foldable Herb Planter Kit with Seeds – Grow your own herb window sill planter

This rustic planter cleverly folds up into a neat case, in a similar way to a tool box, therefore saving space when not in use, or out of season. This kit will make a wonderful gift to a friend or loved one. Growing medium, plant labels and seeds are included, so that the lucky recipient will have everything required to start their very own fresh herb project. Perfect for decorating a bare windowsill or ledge.


  • Allows you to grow herbs in the comfort of your own home – no need to go outside
  • Can be placed conveniently on a shelf, table or kitchen windowsill so that your delicious home-grown herbs can be used when cooking
  • Beautiful authentic wood design will add a touch of rustic charm to any kitchen
  • One box solution – seeds, plant labels and vermiculite soil are included

Set consists of

  • Rustic wooden planter with an option of a personalised stencil
  • 6x bags of seeds – basil, thyme, oregano, chives, parsley and coriander
  • 6x plant label tags
  • Vermiculite soil – natural, lightweight, great nutrient absorption and moisture retention

Ultimate Grow Your Own Kitchen Gardens Kit – 4 Windowsill Planters with Seeds and Compost

Cultivate a kitchen garden brimming with delicious herbs, vegetables and chillies with this amazing array of complete grow you own windowsill planter kits, coming complete with the Herb Garden Kit, Mediterranean Salad Kit and Chilli Kit. This killer combo will provide you with a fragrant herb garden, a spicy chilli collection and healthy fresh vegetables.


  • Beautiful authentic wooden troughs will add a touch of rustic charm to your kitchen, whilst being reusable
  • Ideal for sunny window sills and gardens alike, making it easy to grow your own produce even in urban areas
  • Easy to use kits come with full instructions and tips so are ideal for newbies
  • Delicious selection of herbs, vegetables and chillies have been specially chosen for variety

The Herb Garden Kit features:

  • Basil – a versatile aromatic herb, widely used in European, Mediterranean and Asian dishes
  • Chive – the most delicate member of the onion family, chives are similar to spring onions or leeks, ideal for adding flavour to dishes
  • Parsley – sprinkle over dishes for an exquisite finishing touch

The Mediterranean Salad Kit features:

  • Lemon – perfect for adding a refreshing tang to dishes, drizzle over salads or use in baking for a delicious flavour
  • Basil – a versatile aromatic herb, widely used in European, Mediterranean and Asian dishes
  • Parsley – sprinkle over dishes for an exquisite finishing touch
  • Red Pepper – fresh red pepper is the perfect tasty addition to salads or can be roasted for use in main courses
  • Cucumber – a delicious healthy vegetable, ideal for salads

The Chilli Kit features:

  • Korean Chillies – super spicy chilli is an ideal staple in Indian, Japanese, Mexican dishes and much more
  • Chilli Fingers – pungent fingers are great in sauces, pickled, dried and in salsas
  • Hot Chillies – living up to it’s name, this chilli pepper is certainly hot, perfect for adding some extra spice to your dishes