Grow Your Own For The Ultimate Flavour


​If you are wondering what you can do to eat more healthily this year, you are not alone. It seems we have all been scared by the press into really paying far more attention to what we put into our bodies. As foodies, we have all been a little over-indulgent once or twice in our lives. When we are going for maximum flavor, we may also be going for maximum calories or fat, which we really must cut back on.

So how do we still get those amazing flavors out of our dishes, if we are having to be extra careful about fat and sugar intake? One way we can enhance the flavor of our dishes is to eat fresh – very fresh! The freshest food you can get your hands on comes from your very own back yard or garden. Few of us have a lot of space out there to do much with. Let’s face it, few of us have the time to tend to a garden that is growing and requires cultivating all the time.

There are some easy to grow foods out there though. Places like Pomona Fruits provide fruit plants, bushes and trees that allow us to grow our own fresh produce. Being able to pick our ingredients straight from the tree means that every flavor is the very freshest it can be. With so many varieties of fruits, nuts and vegetables available to grow in our own garden, we could soon be saving a fortune on the grocery bill.

Of course, not all of us have a garden at all, but, fortunately, many vegetables and fruits can be grown in pots. They may not yield enough crops to go to market with and sell, but you can still grow enough for yourself to prepare some gorgeous, fresh meals with. If we can grow potatoes and strawberries in pots on the balcony, then surely we must ask ourselves why we’re not doing it already!

Growing your own fruit and vegetables does take a little effort on your part, but the rewards are enormous. Healthy, organic, fresh, and nutritionally rich foods within arm’s reach are reward enough for a little time keeping the frost and weeds out of your pots. There are plenty of websites and forums with great tips and advice for starting up this kind of activity too. Plus, you’ll never be alone. Every day, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of growing their own food.


It won’t make you rich, but it won’t cost you much either. Growing food can be done on a micro scale, or you can fill every square inch of your land with produce. There is the option to sell surplus produce. You can also freeze most foods to use later on. If you have a spare chest freezer, you could grow and store enough for the whole year! If you are working a garden, be sure to wash your produce and your hands very thoroughly before eating or cooking.

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