Carrinet Veggio Fruit & Veg Bags for Life to replace single use plastic bags for groceries


As we become more aware of the problem with single-use plastics, the movement to stop their use is rapidly growing momentum. Reusable coffee cups, water bottles and shopping bags for life have become part of every household. Being a zero waste-person or saying no to single-use plastic is becoming a fashionable life choice.

Single-use plastic bags are amongst the biggest contributors to our plastic-filled oceans, impacting water and marine life but also the human food chain and our overall health.

There isn’t yet a solution to the enormous plastic problem we are facing right now, but here is one smart and simple way of eliminating the need for those small single-use plastic bags you bring home every time you buy fruit and vegetables at the supermarket or grocer.

Many of us have already adopted the Carrier Bag for Life habit, learnt to bring our own bags and say no to plastic bags offered at the checkout. Carrinet Veggio is a Swedish innovation that in a very simple way has disrupted the way consumers buy and carry home their groceries in Scandinavia. Now launching in the UK, you too can say No! to small, thin plastic bags for your fruit and veg.


Carrinet Veggio Fruit & Veg Bags

Carrinet Veggio  is a set of 5 reusable polyester drawstrings net bags in 3 different sizes designed to replace plastic veg bags in supermarkets and grocers. You can make a difference right away by including them in your bags each time go shop.

Veggio is food grade, BPA free polyester so it is completely safe for storing produce in pantries or the fridge. You can even rinse your produce straight through them! Helping fresh produce to breath and stay fresher for longer, Carrinet is machine washable, easy to dry, does not attract mould or bacteria.

It is the ability to reuse that is the simple and clever way to reduce plastic waste. No bleach or colour used in production so Carrinet Veggio is fully recyclable. By using Veggio can easily reduce your plastic bag use by more than 250 bags or approx. 225KG per year. Imagine the impact if 1000 or even millions of people in the UK started reusing Veggios!

Veggio is distributed in the UK by and sold in retailers like Lakeland, Steamer Trading, and Whole Foods Market, and online through Amazon and Ocado, priced £6.99.