A Guide To Better Food Photography


Okay, ten years ago, this concept could well have seemed laughable. In fact, to some people, it kind of still is! However, walk into any restaurant these days, and you’ll find that a good percentage of customers spend a considerable amount of time before they even tuck in to eat actually taking pictures of their food. In fact, ridiculous as it may sound, but restaurants are actually now saying that more people than ever are doing it, and it’s slowing their business down. So, if you’re going to bother, why not make it look good? A lot of us have blogs or popular social media channels these days, or may even be hoping to make a career out of food photography or food blogging.

I’m certainly guilty of food envy, and even more so when people make it look great. If your Instagram feed and food blog are embarrassingly lacking, here are a few tips to help you on your way!

Don’t Photograph Disgusting Food

Yes, you might want to set yourself a challenge, and I’m willing to bet that there are probably photographers who could make even the worst culinary disaster look good. However, when you’re starting out, why not make it easier for yourself and let the food speak for itself?

It’s All In The Angles

Angling is super important in any kind of photography, but not least when photographing food. It can be the difference between just another plate of someone’s lunch, and something truly inspiring and mouth-watering – a work of art, if you will! It’s worth studying several different perspectives to get the best shots possible.

Lighting Is So Important!

Lighting can make or break a photograph, adding an array of colours, highlights and specific details which may not otherwise be possible. In other words, lighting really brings a photo to life. Focusing on where the flash is (or if you use one at all), natural lighting, as well as whether or not to invest in serious professional equipment such as a tent are all serious considerations that you ought to make in order to get your images right every time. Make sure you’re clued up before getting things out into public domain – there’s a lot more to food photography than simply adding a filter!

Get Your Name Out

Sadly, you could be the best photography extraordinaire in the whole entire world, and it wouldn’t matter at all if you had nobody actually looking at your work. It actually saddens me to see people who work hard at what they do, and who clearly has the potential to take things further, getting absolutely no attention or traction online. If you want to go beyond the realms of bedroom blogger, you’ll need to be seen and heard.

Find your own niche, volunteer to shoot some of the bigger events out there – bring along your roll-up banner with your images on, and of course, be prepared to leave people with a memory of you. I know myself that when I’m hungry, all it takes is a carefully placed food image to entice me to treat myself. Imagine leaving evidence of your ability to draw people in like that with restaurants and caterers? You’re bound to secure yourself some work! Try something like these to slickly promote yourself, and remember to leave business cards, Personalised Instagram Frame, tweets, whatever else it takes to show that you’re the one to watch.

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