5 Ways to Get Your Five A Day this Winter


Maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet during the cold winter months can not only ensure that you stay on top form during the festive season, but it will also fill your body with the essential vitamins and nutrients that can keep illness away.

If you’re running out of ideas for how to get your daily intake of five a day without having to eat your way through a basket of bland vegetables, we’ve listed some of the best ways to get your portions in the most tantalising ways.

So whether you’re battling through a grey day at work, or snuggling up at home in front of the television, you can make every meal healthy and delicious.


If you’ve got a hectic morning schedule and leave your breakfast until the last minute, don’t be tempted to miss out on this essential meal before you begin your day.

As the old saying goes you should be having breakfast like a king, and one way to do this without having to put in that extra effort in the morning is with a filling bowl of overnight oats.

Left overnight to soak in your favourite coconut or almond milk, add a hand full of blueberries to add those anti-oxidant packed fruits to battle any free radicals you may come across during the day.

With the blend of oats, whole grains and fruit, it’s a winning combination that’s packed full of protein so you won’t be left reaching for the biscuits come elevenses.

There are a number of quick and simple recipes now available on sites such as Pinterest, but our personal favourite has to be the carrot cake inspired recipe, which makes us jump out of bed looking forward to breakfast.



Cold drinks may not be preferred during winter, but just one glass packed full of fruit and veg can certainly help in getting those extra nutrients and keeping the doctor away.

Since it’s launch the Nutri-Bullet has been helping many people to create delicious juices that they can drink on the go.

The trick is of course not to over pack it with sugary fruit, as this can cause your body to over produce insulin resulting in a ‘sugar crash’ later on in the day.

A well balanced smoothie for example could contain, coconut water, spinach, cucumber, and one handful of raspberries.

The best part about a smoothie is the fact that it counts as at least one portion – often two or more.  Smoothies made from whole fruits are always the best as they contain lots of fibre.



There’s no better home comfort than a delicious homemade soup with a fresh crusty bread roll slathered in lots of butter.

It may not be the most exciting lunchtime option but soups are simple to whip up and can be easily enhance with herbs and spices.

Stock up on plenty of seasonal vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, spinach and pumpkins, or try to grow your own to make it the most organic.

Mixing these up in a blender takes minimal time, and they can be quickly reheated at work or put in a flask if you’re on the move.



Adding a hearty stew as your evening meal can offer you a sumptuous portion of meat and vegetables and give your body the nutrition it needs but in the tastiest of ways.

Slow cookers are ideal for cooking and preparing vegetables without having the tiresome task of cooking when you’ve got in from a hard day at work.

The scent of a cooked stew wafting through the home is enough to make anyone’s taste buds tingle, and with so many recipes now available you don’t need to be a head chef to cook up a storm.



If you’re after a healthy alternative that can provide you with a sweet treat during the long cold winter nights. A traditional winter crumble is jam packed with winter berries that can help to cure any sugary cravings. But if you’ve got some favoured fruits there’s no reason not to fill it full of the flavours you love the most.

With a covering of custard or a little vanilla ice cream, snuggle up on the sofa with a bowl of pie in the knowledge that your treat is doing your body the world of good.

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