Hello and welcome to Passion for Food! Passion for Food is all about healthy, seasonal and flavoursome cooking. Passion for Food is run by the Mother & Daughter duo; Multi-Award Winning Kiran Singh ( and Award Winning Khushi Kaur ( More about us here.

PASSION FOR FOOD – Healthy, Seasonal and Flavoursome Cooking

One of the things we LOVE about cooking is that cooking a meal is one of the most personal things you can do for someone. You’re literally providing plated nourishment made with your own hands and creativity. Even if you’re following a recipe, you picked the recipe and planned the meal, didn’t you?

The speciality about a home cooked meal is the feeling of abundance it provides. Everything you have and need is right in the front of you within arms reach. The fragrance of garlic, the crackle from the skillet, and the sight of a perfectly roasted bird coming out from the oven…. DIVINE! Cooking speaks to all of our senses. It’s a joy we are so proud to know!


Passion for Food is about healthy, seasonal, cooking. It started in 2014 with an attempt to teach Khushi to cook – which resulted in her being a Junior Bake Off Contestant in 2015!

Having been born and brought up in Norway, of Indian origin, living in London for 10 years AND loving French and Italian cuisine – our cooking is inspired by all of these cultures plus more; from Norwegian Fiskeboller with Curry Sauce to Boeuf Bourguignon with Masala Mash – so stay tuned for delicious, and healthy recipes, must-have kitchen and cooking gadgets, our favourite products, ‘guides to‘, interviews and more! Passion or Food is all about…well simply….Our Passion for Food!



As self-confessed foodies, we decided to become BonAppetour Hosts, which means you can come and cook with us in the gorgeous countryside of Hertfordshire. Our home is surrounded by gorgeous nature with a river and a canal on. View from dining table overlooks the tranquil canal and you see houseboats passing by. So why not join us for a cooking and eating experience?

BonAppetour Cooking Experience